4 ways affirmations can change your perspective & improve your mood

Have you ever heard the phrase “speak life”? Many of us have likely heard this phrase in relation to faith. “Speak life over your situation” was a phrase I heard frequently growing up in church and I actually still hear it a lot to this day. Whenever I hear this phrase, I immediately think of affirmations. This phrase is a charge for us to use positive language and think positive thoughts related to whatever situation we may be facing. In my opinion, the phrase “speak life” is the exact same thing as using affirmations. Reciting affirmations is focused on changing your perspective, helping you challenge maladaptive thought patterns, and overcoming life’s obstacles by utilizing positive language. What you repeat, you begin to believe so why not let it be positive? 

Here are a few ways affirmations can be helpful for you. 

  1. They can boost your self-confidence and mood.

Who doesn’t love praise? Each of us, whether we admit it or not, love hearing others tells us the good things they see in us . But what if that praise came from ourselves first? Speaking kindly to yourself is the minimum. The way you speak to yourself on a day to day basis can alter how you view yourself immensely. Hearing kind words and praise from others almost immediately puts a smile on your face and boosts your mood. The same can happen if you’re the one delivering the compliments.

  1. They can reduce your stress levels. 

Think about the last time that you were stressed. Did you have negative thoughts floating into your mind? How were you speaking to yourself? Think about what would have happened if in that moment, instead of focusing on the stress, you spoke to yourself kindly and recited affirmations. What would have been different? I can almost guarantee you that your stress levels would have been reduced and you would have felt more calm and confident. Affirmations are crucial when we are inundated with with stress. They remind us of who we are and what we are capable of. 

  1. They help you reprogram the way you think.

What happens when you finally get that exercise routine down? You’re able to remember and repeat techniques that ultimately help to keep you healthy. Think of affirmations the same way. When you continuously repeat and speak positive language over your situation, you begin to believe it, even if it hasn’t happened yet. The process of repetition assists us with reprogramming our brains to think positive thoughts first versus negative. 

4. They improve you sense of self-worth.

Sometimes you may encounter situations that result in you questioning your self-worth. When those moments happen it can be hard to recall positive coping skills. The next time this happens for you, try taking a 3-5 second pause and reciting an affirmation to yourself. Doing this will help you to be reminded of who you truly are. The more you recite the affirmation, even after the event occurs , the more you begin to believe it. 

If you allow them to, affirmations can truly begin to shape and change the way you think. 

You can do this! 


Alexis Long-Daniels, M.A., ALC, NCC  

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