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Uninterrupted: 4 things to do to enjoy alone time with yourself

Think about the last week you’ve had. During that time, how much of it was spent alone? Often times when people think of being alone they think of isolation or warning signs for something mental health related. While that is possible depending on the circumstances, there are moments where being alone is much needed and much deserved. With so many things going on from a worldly standpoint and also integrating our personal life events, so many of us are tired and if we’re being honest, some of us are headed toward burn out if we aren’t already there. In order to get back in tune with ourselves and our bodies, alone time is necessary. The goal of this article is to give you some starter tips for getting back to YOU. You are your own best thing. Let’s get into it. 

  1. Schedule the time with yourself! 

Yes, when I say schedule I mean put it on the calendar. Just like all of the other things in our lives are on our calendars, we can definitely be one of them as well. When you actively make time for yourself and plan for it in advance, it becomes a part of your day to day routine vs. something you just get to when you can. You deserve a block of time in your own schedule before anything else is even added. When you’re blocking off your calendar this upcoming week make sure to add yourself. 

  1. Leave work at work! 

Oh yea, I know you read that and rolled your eyes. But honestly, why are you answering that email at 7:30pm when you clocked out at 5? It is so hard to create and keep boundaries, even with yourself but it is crucial to your wellbeing. I know every job is different and has various demands, especially since COVID-19, but if at all possible, turn that work phone off as soon as you clock out for the day or turn on the Do Not Disturb (DND) feature. You’ll thank yourself in the long run for keeping work and home separated. 

  1. Plan something during each week that you can look forward to.

Now I have to credit my sorority sister for this one, she shared this with me a long time ago and it stuck. Whether it be drinks with your girlfriends/guy friends, a movie you’ve been waiting all week to watch, or even a local event in your city you were interested in, give yourself something exciting to keep your momentum up this week. Knowing that you have something exciting to look forward to can be a personal encourager for you throughout the week by knowing that “me time” is not far away.

  1. Spend time in solitude 

When you think about the times you have been alone what did you most enjoy? Was it having a dance party in your living room, meditating with the lights off, having candles lit and soft music playing, or was it even the 30 minute lunch break you were finally able to have alone? Regardless of which scenario it was, think about what you enjoy most during your alone time and add it to your routine. Spending even 15-30 minutes unplugged and alone a day can help you to recharge when you’ve reached your capacity.

We’re rooting for you!


Alexis Long-Daniels, MA, ALC, NCC

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